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WebRTC enables real-time communication using voice, video, file-sharing, and chat from any device that supports a web browser. The WebRTC framework has the potential to enrich and simplify person-to-person and media streaming applications across many use cases and industries.

Servicio de atención al cliente
Using a WebRTC-based application, a customer need only click on a web page to initiate a voice, video, and /or chat session with a customer support representative. Industries that place a high value on customer services, such as insurance, financial services, and retail, can bring customer interactions to a new level of effectiveness by allowing single click access from any web browser.

Media Streaming
Music and video streaming applications can also take advantage of WebRTC by simplifying access to the service by eliminating the need for plug-ins and separate applications.

cuidado de la salud
TeleHealth  can deliver more efficient healthcare by connecting physicians and patients through a video conference. WebRTC enables this communication by eliminating the need for custom applications and simply requiring the patient to have a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

The potential is great, but the risk cannot be ignored. WebRTC is evolving and, like any new communication technology, it is critical to rigorously validate WebRTC applications and services in the test lab, and to continue testing in production environments.

Test WebRTC applications for mobile & desktop users

NETSCOUT Spectra2 solutions replace the web browser in order to enable functional, load, and regression testing of WebRTC-based solutions. Scripted test cases can easily adapt to different vendor implementations and targeted use cases. Spectra2 initiates WebRTC sessions in order to:

  • Validate session establishment procedures
  • Measure media QoS for voice and video sessions
  • Verify chat, multi-chat, and group chat functionality

These automated, real-world use cases also validate WebRTC servers and functions that end users never see, including ICE/STUN servers, WebSocket and SIP over WebSocket message exchanges, media streams using RTP and SRTP, DTLS, and HTTP.

Garantía controlada
Deploying applications and services based on WebRTC can give you an advantage over the competition… as long as your users have a positive experience. A Controlled Assurance solution using Spectra2 will continuously verify that your WebRTC-based service is performing as expected. All of the features available for lab testing can be utilized in a production environment, on a schedule that you chose. Being proactive with Controlled Assurance means that when WebRTC-based services begin to degrade, you will be the first to know – not your customers.

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Spectra2 3u

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Spectra2 XL3

Señalización de alto rendimiento y solución de comprobación de medios para EPC e IMS.

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Edición de software Spectra2

Una solución de comprobación intuitiva para las redes de laboratorio y producción.

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Soluciones de optimización de pruebas : mejora de la eficiencia, la velocidad y el rendimiento en laboratorios de pruebas de aplicaciones y redes

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Switch de flujo de paquetes de serie nGenius 3900 y software de gestión TestStream

El uso de la serie nGenius 3900 de NETSCOUT® para la automatización del laboratorio de pruebas y el software de gestión de TestStream, los administradores de laboratorios pueden cumplir con los retos actuales.

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Conmutación S-Blade Pro 1/10/40G nivel 1 con criterios de medición de equipo de laboratorio

La serie nGenius 3900 para la automatización de laboratorios de comprobación con S-Blade Pro de NETSCOUT integrado ofrece una solución inteligente de switch de nivel 1 para conexiones de 1, 10 y 40 G.

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WebRTC Test Solutions

WebRTC enables real-time communication using voice, video, filesharing, and chat from any device.

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Comprobación de redes de diámetro

Los servicios de suscriptores son la causa principal de la carga de señalización que se dispara en la red de diámetro del operador.

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