When It Comes to Security, You Can’t Fight Blind

Traditional security solutions focus on a specific location and function, such as the perimeter inside the firewall, or an employee machine or device. But that strategy is increasingly myopic in a connected world where threats come from anywhere and everywhere; from outside the network, from our own users, from connected IoT devices or even compromised corporate systems.

The lack of a cohesive picture of our own environment and the broader connected world limits our ability to identify threats quickly and forces us into a reactive multi-layered ‘defend the target’ security response, resulting in increased costs and risk.

Building that visibility across all facets of your environments requires a data-driven approach that take time and risk out of the equation.

Our Smart Data is made up of two technologies that give us unparalleled visibility, scale and scope into detecting performance and security risks across the connected world.

  • NETSCOUT ATLAS has an unprecedented view of threats as they emerge and propagate on the Internet. No other organization has such broad and deep visibility across the connected world, and into the threats that traverse the networks that provide the communication services we all rely upon.
  • ATLAS Intelligence provides high-fidelity, precise indicators which identify threat activity targeted at the entry borders or from within the internal communications of your organization.
  • The industry’s most scalable, light-weight distributed architecture Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI). ASI collects and processes data at the source and automates the precise, real-time knowledge from anywhere to the platforms in real time.

The combination of ASI and ATLAS Intelligence provides continuous, uniform visibility and automates the detection of performance and security risks across connected services and their interactions. Now organizations such as yours can get ahead of problems and fix them earlier and more effectively.

Businesses will always need their own defenses, but the connected world must be more proactive – blocking threats closer to their source – working with enterprise defenses to reduce cost and risk. The risk has grown larger with the advent of internet-scale threats, which leverage internet connected devices to wage mass or highly targeted attacks. The danger of internet-scale attacks will loom ever larger as we continue to add vulnerable IoT devices globally and as 5G network deployments expands.

NETSCOUT provides the visibility and analytics you need to accelerate digital transformation while reducing your risks. We protect businesses against all disruptions in their digital services – whether in availability, performance, or advanced cyber threats and DDoS attacks. 

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