Comprobación de resiliencia de DDoS de SpecTrasecure

Verify DDoS Attack Resilience Before an Attack Happens

NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

Con los vectores de ataque DDoS configurables integrados, SpectraSecure comprueba la resiliencia al ataque DDoS de manera controlada. Regardless of where mitigation takes place, SpectraSecure can verify that your applications, networks, or services can withstand attack before the attack happens.


NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

Test Targets

  • Devices:
    Routers and Switches with built-in DDoS protection
  • Aplicaciones:
    Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Web Servers, Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Redes:
    On-premises, cloud, or hybrid-cloud DDoS mitigation solutions

Benefits of NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

  • Verify DDoS Attack Resilience: Measure DDoS Attack Resilience before an attack happens
  • Controlled Attacks: SpectraSecure DDoS test attacks use common attack vectors to emulate real world scenarios, including multi-vector attacks, but they are 100% controlled by you
  • Test Lab or Production: SpectraSecure can be used in your test lab as part of your regular qualification effort or in your live network
  • Flexible Deployment: SpectraSecure can be deployed in a virtual infrastructure and scaled as necessary or on COTS hardware with optional high-performance NICs
  • Integration: SpectraSecure’s REST API enables integration into your existing test automation or DevOps framework
Características destacadas
  • Easy to use Web Interface

  • Built-in DDoS Attack Vectors

  • Customizable packet content

  • REST API for automation

  • Deploy in virtual environments or COTS servers

  • Optional high performance NIC

  • Ficha técnica

SpectraSecure for DDoS Resilience Testing

Verifying Resilience to DDoS Attacks

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