Vigile su red con dispositivos de monitorización que proporcionen acceso completo al tráfico de redes.

Dispositivos de monitorización simplificados y fiables

Your networks require continuous monitoring to assure successful service delivery and service performance that meets contractual obligations and the highest of user expectations.

Avoid Upgrade Downtime

Upgrading monitoring equipment can expose a point of network failure, causing unwelcome downtime and unhappy customers. Después de todo, no hay desactivación. The NETSCOUT family of TAPs helps you meet customer expectations for uninterrupted network uptime.

Always-on monitoring of your infrastructure

Our family of TAPs provides network-monitoring devices with full access to network traffic. Our monitoring devices offer multiple options for link types and speeds to maximize deployment versatility, and are built for placement on strategic network links to enable comprehensive, always-on monitoring of the network infrastructure.

Our monitoring devices include:

  • NETSCOUT fiber optic TAPs are based on passive fiber optic splitters, and therefore, require no external power
  • NETSCOUT copper TAPs are powered by redundant power supplies with non-disruptive, automatic failover in case of power loss or power supply failure
Los TAP de NETSCOUT le ayudan a:
  • Eliminate the risk of introducing a point of failure when accessing network traffic
  • Monitor equipment that requires upgrade without network downtime
  • Achieve continuous network access and visibility without consuming power (fiber TAPs)

Productos en los que puede confiar

NETSCOUT ofrece información detallada rápida y clara que le permite proporcionar una experiencia de usuario impecable al lograr una calidad de servicio extraordinaria. Let us show you how NESCOUT TAPs provide always-on monitoring of your infrastructure.

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Los TAP flexibles permiten el acceso inconsútil a los enlaces de redes.

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