Assure Availability and Performance of Applications and Network from Remote Sites

nGeniusPULSE nPoints are enterprise-class hardware or virtual agents, deployed anywhere users need access to the network and critical applications. Testing over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, nPoints deliver early warning to problems before business is impacted.


Stay Ahead of Problems

Pro-Active Problem Detection with scheduled tests, even when the network is not in use, to identify problems before users are impacted

Easy to Deploy Anywhere

Multiple hardware and virtual models, each with zero-touch config, are deployed in a distributed environment

Monitor What is Important to You

In addition to standard tests for services like web and VoIP, create custom tests for unique and specific monitoring needs


  • Web Application Testing

    Measure service availability and delay in web applications broken down into DNS, network, SSL, client, application, and server components of the response time

  • Voice Testing

    Make actual VoIP phone calls between two nPoints, or from an nPoint to a phone number to measure MOS, loss, latency, jitter and other key VoIP metrics

  • Supervisión del rendimiento de redes

    Baseline network performance with loss, latency, jitter and throughput tests

  • Hop-by-Hop Path Analysis

    Continuous path discovery from service-to-site. Isolate issues to Service Provider, network, location or configuration

Web Application Testing
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Monitor Availability and Response Time from all locations

Voice Testing
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Ensure VoIP Availability and Performance before users are impacted

Supervisión del rendimiento de redes
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Identify Service Delivery Problems due to Network Performance issues

Hop-by-Hop Path Analysis
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Path Visibility for Domain Isolation and Carrier Escalation

Ficha técnica


Visibilidad total de la disponibilidad de los controles de redes y del rendimiento de los servicios empresariales

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El nGeniusPULSE de NETSCOUT ofrece visibilidad del ecosistema actual de TI que se necesita para garantizar la disponibilidad, fiabilidad y rendimiento de sus servicios de negocios de misión crítica.