nGenius Visibility as a Service (VaaS)

Hands-Free, Actionable Insights for Complex Application and Network issues

nGenius Visibility as a Service (nVaaS) delivers proactive hands-free monitoring with actionable insights to assure the performance of critical applications and the networks that support them.

Expertise Aligned to Your Changing Business Needs and Unique Requirements

Visibility as a Service

Enterprises are transforming their solutions, IT networks and business processes. Companies are taking advantage of public and private cloud environments and embracing SaaS offerings to reduce costs, improve agility and gain ultimate flexibility for their business.

Along with these benefits brings additional complexity and risk for IT organizations that may not have the tools, skills, resources and visibility required to proactively manage these new environments.

The nGenius VaaS (nVaaS) team addresses these challenges and more with value-rich recommendations to improve the performance of the network and applications while protecting the end customer experience and mission critical revenue streams.

Reduce the Growing Burden on Existing IT Resources

nGenius VaaS experts complement existing resources by focusing on application and network performance—keeping core organizations focused on more strategic initiatives.

  • Do your users or other internal IT groups always blame the network?
  • Is it difficult to differentiate between a WAN, LAN, Server or Application problem?
  • Have you lost visibility of cloud-based application performance?
  • Are IT skill-sets for Network (LAN/WAN), Apps, and Cloud scarce and hard to keep?
  • Need help with Cloud Migrations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from nGenius VaaS.

Actionable Insights for Unified Communications and Collaboration in the Cloud

Actionable Insights for Unified Communications and Collaboration in the Cloud

Even a few minutes of downtime or poor quality of audio/video calls can severely disrupt revenue generating call centers, important customer opportunities, vendor discussions, customer satisfaction, or employee productivity.

With the complexity of UC&C deployments increasing with virtualized and geographically spread multi-vendor hybrid cloud environments, enterprises find themselves ill-equipped to address service interruptions. Today’s sophisticated UC&C deployments involve a diverse array of network elements, protocols, and applications. As a result, failures are often related to issues within the broader environment that supports the UC&C system.

nGenius VaaS offers a holistic view of the UC&C environment along with the right skills and expertise to identify root cause of problems contributing to ongoing VoIP, telepresence, or collaboration service degradation.

  • Hands-free UC&C Service Assurance
  • VoIP, Application, Cloud and Network Performance Visibility
  • Media Quality Analysis
  • Service Enabler Monitoring
  • Link Analysis
  • Alerts and Service Triage
  • Best Practices Recommendations

Expertise for the Evolving Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

Expertise for the Evolving Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

nGenius VaaS (nVaaS) experts are experienced in all areas related to the healthcare IT ecosystem including datacenters, server farms, network connectivity, configurations, infrastructure, platform, applications, industry specific protocols and vendor specific customizations. They are industry proven in preventing issues with a proactive attitude towards network and applications assurance with the customer's objectives in mind.

They understand your business processes & critical needs and convert them to meaningful and impactful set of key metrics that help assure and visualize your IT health. Beyond troubleshooting our Expert Analysis team will provide monthly reports containing utilization summary, performance benchmarks, trending and consultative meetings with best practices recommendations.

nGenius VaaS has provided deep insights and visibility into healthcare IT systems like

  • Sluggish EHR accessibility
  • Dropped session connectivity
  • Network inefficiency
  • Latency sensitive applications

Services Provided

  • Managed Platform
  • Hands-Free Proactive Network/Application Monitoring
  • 24x7 Troubleshooting with Actionable Insights
  • Periodic Executive and Adhoc Reports Delivered
  • Expert Advice and Best Practice Recommendations

Meeting Your Business Needs

  • End-to-End Visibility across on-prem/offprem, cloud infrastructure, network and applications
  • Rapid MTTK/MTTR for issues impacting business services
  • Critical applications availability and quality assurance
  • Affordable monthly subscription and easy-to-add-on monitoring

“The insights you provided helped us improve our customer’s experience in delivering patient care.”

Director of Operations, Global Healthcare Information Technology Solution Provider

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Leading Insurance Business Assures Quality User Experience With nGeniusONE

Realizing Quicker Organizational Value from NETSCOUT nGenius Visibility as a Service

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Assuring Railway Data Center Transformation Success With NETSCOUT

See how one transportation company met the challenge of Data Center Transformation with NETSCOUT network monitoring and visibility before, during, and after transition.

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Fabricante prioriza el tiempo de actividad de las aplicaciones para entregar sus productos a tiempo

Con la inteligencia de paquetes de nGeniusONE, complementada por la comprobación de nGeniusPULSE a distancia y la monitorización dinámica del equipo de nVaaS, el área de TI restauró la aplicación de fabricación y le brindó un rendimiento fiable y uniforme. Cuando se presentan problemas con esa o con cualquier otra aplicación del centro de datos o la nube pública, el tiempo medio de reparación (MTTR) se reduce significativamente. Perder tiempo en el proceso de fabricación puede derivar en costosas demoras de producción o en el incumplimiento del compromiso de entrega con los clientes. Reducir el tiempo de resolución de problemas y de restablecimiento a 20 minutos representa un ahorro real para este fabricante.

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Fabricante global se beneficia del rendimiento de calidad de las tecnologías DX

Las soluciones NETSCOUT y los servicios gestionados ofrecen visibilidad y especialización.

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El sector del cuidado de la salud identifica la causa de la ralentización de EMR con NETSCOUT

nGeniusONE ayuda a mejorar el rendimiento de las aplicaciones de voz y cuidado de la salud con visibilidad

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Líder de servicios financieros mejora la entrega de negocios con visibilidad de NETSCOUT como programa de servicios

Extiende el retorno de la inversión proporcionado por la plataforma nGeniusONE instalada

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Fortify Your Team with Just-in-Time Expertise

nGenius Visibility as a Service delivers actionable insights during COVID-19 to assure the performance of critical applications and the networks that support them.

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nGenius Visibility as a Service (nGenius VaaS)

nGenius VaaS delivers handsfree proactive monitoring using NETSCOUT’s market leading virtual network and application assurance platform coupled with a global team of application and network experts leveraging proven business practices.

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nGenius VaaS for EHR Management System Assurance

Complex IT issues can divert attention away from Core Healthcare Operations. Our experts prevent issues with a proactive approach towards network and applications assurance.

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nGenius VaAs ofrece información de colaboración y comunicaciones unificadas accionables

Las empresas de hoy en día operan con diversidad geográfica para apoyar cadenas de suministro, clientes, proveedores, empleados e infraestructuras de TI/la nube en todo el mundo.

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