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Our mission at NETSCOUT is to enable our customers to be Guardians of the Connected World by delivering continuous visibility and the most reliable signal of potential and emerging problems affecting the delivery and performance of digital services.

With real time telemetry into one-third of Internet traffic, NETSCOUT Smart Data is used by 90 percent of Tier 1 service providers, mobile networks and the Fortune 100. Packet-based a.k.a wire-data, instrumentation is one of the core tenets that have guided our vision and direction since its inception and is the source of the continued innovation to deliver NETSCOUT Smart Data to our customers.

For the last several months NETSCOUT has partnered closely with Microsoft Azure on its Virtual Network TAP (VTAP) initiative to deliver a comprehensive network and application performance management solution to mutual customers, which leverages the native distributed terminal access point (TAP) functionality developed by Azure.

Recently announced in the Azure fall networking update, Microsoft provided a preview of this technology as the first native distributed network TAP in any public cloud. Azure VTAP provides continuous mirroring of virtual machine (VM) network traffic to a packet collector without using agents. VTAP enables NETSCOUT’s vSTREAM virtual appliance and our Packet Brokering Solutions to capture and analyze wire-data generated by VMs in Azure, without using agents. With this announcement, NETSCOUT’s market-leading Smart Data technology for Service Assurance is now intuitively extended into public cloud environments without the need to utilize agents.

The Azure VTAP program was also featured last month at the annual Microsoft user conference, Ignite. The interoperability with NETSCOUT was highlighted by Microsoft and demonstrated at the event and in this short video. At Ignite, customers were able to see how mirrored traffic, or wire-data, is streamed to the NETSCOUT vSTREAM solution deployed in Azure Cloud, where it is transformed into smart data and analyzed to provide deep insights into application performance and distill real time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected applications and services, including their interactions and dependencies.

By combining Microsoft Azure VTAP with NETSCOUT technology, customers get an innovative and agentless solution to streamline the acquisition of wire-data for effective monitoring and assurance in public cloud environments before, during and after workload migration to Azure Cloud. Azure customers can establish service reliability and responsiveness baselines and migrate applications, compute, network, and storage workloads to the cloud with confidence by quickly detecting and resolving application and service performance problems without modifying existing workflows.

NETSCOUT’s partnership with Microsoft provides businesses with an innovative approach to gain visibility into applications and their dependencies in hybrid environments comprised of both on-premises and Azure Cloud infrastructure. NETSCOUT enables Azure-driven businesses to deliver the best user experience through continuous monitoring of wire data and turning it into smart data at its point of collection, optimized for analytics at the highest possible speed and quality. 

Moving forward, recognizing that achieving continuous visibility with highly valuable wire data is applicable to both application performance and security analytics, NETSCOUT plans to introduce solutions for security and vulnerability management in the Cloud. These solutions will empower NETSCOUT customers to continuously monitor and effectively assure the reliability, availability, and security of their applications.

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