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Mobile service providers face an ongoing challenge to handle the mobile data explosion and potentially declining revenues as the subscriber base becomes saturated. Juniper Research recently projected that mobile data will increase 533 percent from 2014 to 2019. Wifi Offload is the obvious solution to address the mobile data crunch, which takes traffic off the LTE network and puts it on the Wifi network to conserve investments in mobile broadband networks. As I discussed in an earlier blog, VoWifi benefits the mobile service provider, freeing up network resources by also taking advantage of local Wifi networks to handover calls which may in fact improve mobile voice service availability and quality. In this blog, I will explore the monitoring requirements to help assure carrier Wifi is a viable offload solution.

Wifi Monitoring Priorities should include:

  • Access Point (AP) - Health and Performance
  • Service Reliability and Performance
  • User - Quality of Experience
  • Subscriber Device (Handset) Usage and Metrics
  • Support Business Analytics

To start, the monitoring solution must provide key metrics for determining AP health. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that you will want to monitor cover the complex user login session flow, which includes protocols that provide authentication and access: DHCP, RADIUS, DNS, HTTPS. The critical KPIs include: application identification, utilization and throughput, response time measurements and application specific error code distribution. The graphic below shows how the Authentication process can be monitored for various locations to look at the success and failure, volumes, latency and errors experienced by that critical procedure.

Operational Level Service PerformanceGiven the number of access points being deployed, the ability to auto-discover access points is essential. Y poder organizarlos, implementarlos y visualizarlos en los puntos de vista de mercado y regionales facilita la monitorización proactiva continua de la red WiFi. El mapeo geográfico de los criterios de medición de AP es una técnica muy popular y útil aquí.

In addition, network operators, engineers, marketers and executives will want reports on access point health, market and regional performance and user experience metrics (connect time, app throughput, latency) for the overall management of the application.

Finally, another important consideration for monitoring and managing Wifi access and offload is business analytics. El rendimiento de AP y el uso de los recursos de WiFi del consumidor proporcionan una fuente extremadamente abundante de información para la planificación de redes, marketing, gestión ejecutiva y más. Los informes sobre actividades de navegación en la web, uso por las principales 10 aplicaciones web, servicios de valor agregado (inserción de anuncios) y más pueden proporcionar información detallada acerca de cómo los proveedores de servicios pueden monetizar sus inversiones en redes Wifi.

Wifi availability and smooth consumer access are key to exploiting the benefits of Wifi offload. Assuring Wifi service is the only way to make sure that happens.

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